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Cooking at your joint

Do you run a pub / club / restaurant and want some delicious smokey food cooked on site and served via your venue?

Then contact us today, we are more than happy to bring Fat Albert (our trailer smoker) onto your site and prepare the meat to be served via your chefs.

We can prepare on-site:

  • Smokey slow cooked beef brisket
  • Pull apart saucy pork ribs
  • Thick and juicy beef shorties
  • Killer pulled pork better than any oven can prepare.

Fat Albert brings in a crowd and puts out an amazing smell which can be smelt from around 500m away. He is a 4m long trailer with a 76cm smoking barrel and almost a 1m squared fire box.

– Up to 20 briskets
– 60+ pork ribs full size, 140+ half racks
– 80kg of pulled pork in one hit

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