I bought a smoker now what

Ah what a day, you’ve splashed some cash and now you want to cook. I don’t blame you it’s like reliving Christmas but what do you cook.

Most people jump in and try the hardest most unforgiving cook you can, the beef brisket. What people don’t realize is that no matter how much you think you know, you don’t know your smoker.

Let’s start with the most easiest cooks you can, pulled pork. It’s pretty much impossible to stuff this up unless you set your pit on fire.

Fire up the pit ( I hope it’s fire or charcoal) then bring it up to 280f.

Whilst this is cranking along it’s time to prep your pork butt. Either apply your favourite rub or make a simple paprika, brown sugar, salt and some heat to your liking.

Put the butt on the smoker and add your smoking chunks, keep adding these if you see no smoke coming out for the next 4 hours. No need to measure the internal temps, all were trying to do is add colour and texture to the pork. Try and keep the smoker between 250f-300f spikes are ok it won’t hurt the cook if it’s short lived.

After the initial 4 hours using some Al foil wrap that bad boy and put it back on. Now if you can’t be bothered keeping the firing raging put it in the oven 😉 but put a deep tray underneath it as one split in your foil and you have a huuuge mess.

Now this is the waiting game, you want to hit at least the 6hr mark before you even attempt to see.if it’s done. With gloves or back of a wooden spoon poke the alfoil wrap so that it pushes into the meat. If it pushes back go have another beer. If you push into the meat and it doesn’t bounce back, your done.

This process should take about 8+hours depending on the cut. Once cooked let it rest for at least an hour otherwise your hands will be on fire.

Start pulling the pork by using forks or your hands… Pro tip get some cotton gloves under your normal gloves you won’t feel the heat. Mix back in that great fat in the foil and add some salt and sauce.

Serve with fresh buns, some slaw and your favourite hot sauce and let the happy faces come in.