Rubs: Butchers Axe Big Bark

A lot of discussion has always been around the BBQ comp circuit about bark. Bigger the bark bigger the points which is probably the reason this product exists.

So I thought let’s run this product against another good rub and see the results.

What’s in the rub?

The first thing you will notice is just how dark it is when you put it on. If your up early in the morning and the sun hasn’t cracked the horizon and you start applying the Butcher’s Axe Big Bark rub you might loose your brisket in the dark. It’s such a dark dark rub but don’t be scared apply a great coating. From my photo certainly needed more but what I wanted to do is compare the barking and colour to a traditional rub.

So how did it cook? It gets darker and darker I boated the brisket to give it maximum exposure to the heat and it really went black and crispy. Now I’m not a massive fan of huge bark but I tried this to see if a rub made a difference to outcome. Both briskets were trimmed the same amount of fat left and same amount of rub applied.

The butcher’s axe certainly turned the brisket into a bark monster. Even after resting it still was an amazing result for a rub. I have some good thoughts on why, it’s big on sugar when you try it you get the sweet hit up front followed by a salt taste then it comes home with the pepper. All of this sugar is like a caramel that will just turn the outside of your brisket into a bark king.