Trash Pick Up Gold

It’s not often you come across a smoker on the side of the road that doesn’t look like its had a run in Mike Tyson. But cruising the back streets of Cronulla looking for a park one sunny afternoon and I heard a faint voice crying for help.

To my dismay it was Chargriller acorn sitting on the side of the road, standing upright and intact. At first I just someone was smoking out the front of the house as I do with the trailer. But it was cool to touch.

Then the fear sunk in, what delights was I about to find when I opened the hood, an attempt at a brisket that lead to ordering pizza? some half cooked pork shoulder that was stoned when the owner read how long it was going to take?

Nothing, well maybe some quality growth that inspired penicillin but nothing that a good clean with a scraper and a good high temp burn out wouldn’t fix.

Now I’ve never used an acorn, the feeling of not being able to play with fire the entire time played up with my inner pyro so the experience was a little strange. It also took a lot longer to heat up than expected but once cranking stayed a pretty solid temp for a long time.

One thing that has always turned me off them is the lack of space, if your feeding the family on a Sunday then this is probably ideal but feeding a party would be tough going.

Overall happy to have it in the collection which is sitting at a healthy 9.