Beef Shorties

The one and only, often over looked and easy to cook is the beef shortie.

To start, getting a full rack is hard sometimes as butchers like to cut them but the Australian Meat Emporium has you covered. The beef shorties at Australian Meat Emporium range from 14.99-17.99 a kilo which means $35-$45 for the full rack. Seems like a bit but, it feeds at least 6 full size human beings with a few sides. The best thing about beef shorties is that they’re so rich in flavour a little goes a long way.

How to cook them?

Fire up your pit so it’s nice and stable before you start. You want to aim for around 275-300f or 140c beef shorties can take a bit of heat so don’t worry if you have a small flare up or temp issues.

Step 1: Clean the membrane off the back of the shorties is step one, if you want to eat them like a mad man you don’t want to bight into a bit of crispy membrane. Shorties are super easy to clean just grab a thin blade and flip the shorty so bones are facing up, and slice the membrane off between the bones. You can leave it on the bones as it will just crinkle up and your not eating the bones.

Step 2: Bone side down look for any super hard fats on the top, if you see it clean it up a bit and it will help you cook.

Step 3: Rub a dub dub, choose your favourite beef rub and coat the entire top surface. We use Emus brisket rub for our shorties as its salty with some pepper tang but with a sweetness you need for the fat.

Step 4: Place on the smoker once it’s up to temp and the beef shorties have warmed up to room temp. Hit them with a heavy smoke for the first hour allowing them to get that nice red tinge to them.

Step 5: After around 2 hours your shorty should start transforming, bones sticking out, meat receding along the bone like the birth of a new mountain range. This is a good time to boat, grab some foil and make a small layer under the bones but roll the edges so it keeps the liquid in. Leave it like this for another 45mins-1hr.

Step 6: wrap the crown of the meat by grabbing some more foil to cover the top of the meat, this will help break down the meat faster. Leave this on till your happy with touch.

We cook ours to touch, if you can push the meat in and it doesn’t bounce back you have hit the jackpot. Don’t worry all shorties end up like this so if it’s spongey, grab another beer and try again later on.

To serve

Carve between the bones into slabs and watch your friends eyes light up. These are an impressive the to put on a plate big bone with huge amount of tender beef.

Cooking fast facts

Prep time: 20mins

Cooking time: 4-6hrs

Resting time: 30mins to 1hr depending on how patient you can be.

Where to buy? The Australian Meat Emporium

Rub: Emus Brisket Rub