2018 in Review

2018 in Review

What worked, and what Barry hated.

In 2018 we competed in five comps and tried a few things that really pushed the boundaries of what BBQ really is. We also tried our hand at 2 SCA comps which are a great way to try your hand at a comp.

Well it was a dry year in terms of call ups, we got close, so close but always needed a few extra marks to get us into the top 10s. This was probably because each of the dishes we cooked were so polarising in terms of flavours. We went for hot and spicy, Asian inspired sauces, fresh herbs and the results showed the split. High scores paired with lows it was pretty disappointing but we knew at some point the judges would love it, just need the right table.

Win: Sticky Korean sauce was a win, so much so it regularly features in our menu. A crowd pleasure but did not blow all the judges away, partly because of the heat. It’s a sweet start, fluro red in colour and slowly builds in heat but when making it adding too much heat has everyone reaching for the milk.

Hated: Mexican pulled pork (insert homer drooling) , I could eat this everyday. The smell of the marinade, the fragrant rub and freshness of finishing sauce. Should have been 10s, sadly hated. I think it was too far on the this isn’t BBQ scale.

Hated: Thai flavours on lamb, another one that tasted amazing but was hammered by judges. Lemongrass, garlic, coriander sugar and chilli mixed with lemon juice. It was a smokey amazing flavour with a fresh finish, but alas hated.

Win: Korean fried chicken in sca, so close to top 10 at meatstock Sydney, a master stroke by Geeza. Crunchy deep fried chicken smashed with Korean sauce so so good.

Win: Smoked pulled chicken, just amazed at how well this turned out juicy and flavourful.

Wayout: Sadly cupcake chicken, what was a recurring top 10 in 2017 found its way to the lower end of the scale.

Win: The weather, we had the best run this year with hardly a touch of rain for all the events.

On the up: multi cut combo boxes, it seems this year having one delicious cut was not enough to wow the judges, our last lamb box had 4 cuts and we heard the guys at Wizard of Q fit 5 in which is a huge effort.

A massive thanks to competitors, our sponsors(Australian Meat Emporium, Emus Rubs, iKegger, Allprint graphics) and of course my team members.