Port Macquarie Blues Fest and BBQ comp match report

What can you say about an epic weekend, filled with awesome people and great weather, except it was the ducks nuts stuck on the beez kneez.

When we rocked up after a mammoth 7hour road trip towing fat albert (the big smoker) I was a little sceptical because basically we were camping in the clothes drying area of the caravan park. But within minutes of arriving we felt straight at home.

I wasn’t sure what to expect being this our comp, was it going to be a weekend of secret hiding, sabotage and death stares at 10 paces. It was exactly the opposite, everyone helped with the smallest things like a coffee run or a quick duck up the shops.

The first night we smashed out as what will be remembered as the best burgers to grace Port Macquarie. You dont often get 40 of the best BBQ cooks in Australia tasting a burger and replying that is amazing. Now im not saying they hadnt been sitting in the sun all day drinking beers so any food tastes awesome, but when you accidentally drop one in the rush, then someone picks it up and eats it, you know its good.

Comp day came and dragged on forever, waiting till 3pm seems like an eternity. Then the comp starts and more waiting cause you can’t really start cooking straight away. The night crept in and we finally got Fat Albert up and running with a good coal base to start cooking.

Our huge hunk of pork butt went on first for the long 14hr cook, but it just fell apart when it finally came out. Just looking at it caused it to wobbly and shred let alone the wind touching it.  Brisket was next at around 1am, what a wait, by this time we needed to start the sleep rotations otherwise the morning was going to be a bit nasty.

9am comes faster than you expect in the comp, then it is just all a mad rush for the next 6 hours leaving you exhausted but excited in the same token. Our boxes all got turned in on time, some better than others. Our chicken lollipops looked the bomb, lamb well only ever cooked lamb twice, pork ribs killer, brisket…. average, chefs choice a last minute hail mary and got highest marks of all.

Overall a great weekend, only 365 days till we do it all again.