Coming to you live from Port Mac BBQ comp

So its now 12:30am, im on my laptop and the entire north coast smells delicious. We are blogging live from the Port Macquries BBQ comp, so far the comp has been amazing. Great teams, a solid thursday night drinking session, backed up with a relaxed friday in the sun before the mayhem begins.

It was a waiting game, just sitting there all day waiting for the chance to light up some fires, finally the chance came on goes the pork straight away for a massive 14hour smoke. Then another wait, but the public came in we made some epic cheeseburgers again that were snapped up by the other teams pretty quickly which probably would have gone for a cheeky 20 if we could sell them.

we are now debating sleep, its a big issue at the comps can you go a full night and half day without a nap… no. I will have an hour of power before getting up to start the morning session.

The meat is amazing we have great cuts, our homemade rubs and sweet spicy sauces. I cant wait for the morning to try our cuts and smoking.

Sorry this article is horrible,