Huffman’s Original Chilli Pepper

If your like me you walk into a food establishment and you see hot sauce you have to try it, so whilst at Al’s Deli in NZ I got try to the Huffman’s Original Chilli Pepper sauce. I paired this up with the brisket hash, some good smokey food, crispy hash and a bagel to mop up the goodness. This already came with a hollandaise sauce bet went perfectly about it.

Don’t let the Chilli in the name confuse you, our friends north of the equator call everything a chilli, tomatoes, spinach and even capsicum. This sauce is made of red capsicum, white vinegar,salt, a small amount of actually chillies and paprika.

When you have some you can certainly taste the vinegar in the sauce but it isn’t over powering, this follows by the smooth flavours of the sweet red capsicum and finishes off with a bit of heat (tiny). This would be a good sauce for those that struggle with most chilli sauces because they are too hot.

Because this isn’t really that hot you can smoother your meal in it although the tiny dispenser makes it a 4 hour task of releasing the goodness onto your food.

If you see it, try it gives you a bit of a North Carolina feel

Ratings (out of 5)
Kungpow factor: 2
Flavour:  3.5
Have it again: yes