Cheap Woolies hot sauce

So browsing the sauce lane looking for in my view one of the best smokey hot sauces (tabasco smokey) and down just a few centimetres in front of my toes, on special was the Hickory Hollow Smoked Sauce.

Intrigued by its low cost of $1.45(now back up to $4.50 ?) I thought why not, I mean it has all the things I like in a sauce on the label, hickory, smoked, sauce. After reaching to the floor to grab this bottle I thought it was at least worth a review, and reading the back story about how it was from Recipe to Riches I was sold, Ill support anyone having a go.

Along came a smoke and out came the Hickory Hollow Smoked Sauce, today’s smoke was some beef shorties, and boy did they smell good. Now before I put this sauce on and confused it with the smokey goodness of the beef I had a teaspoon and tasted nothing that is on the label.

It has no smokey flavour at all, realistically this sauce needs to be called, Chilli and Garlic Hollow Sauce because that is all you taste. Looking at the bottle you can see the chilli seeds waiting to set your mouth into a frenzy but in the sauce is a garlic undertone that lingers in your mouth.

I don’t mind it as a hot sauce, I mean it does have a nice kick that is super intense at the start but mellows out as the garlic takes over. Would I buy it again, probably at $1.45 it goes great with dumplings, over my beef shorties it was a good dipping sauce as well gave a nice offset with the garlic to the smokey flavour.

Ratings (out of 5)
Kungpow factor: 4
Flavour:  3 (I would have given a 4 if it was Chilli and Garlic not Smoked in the name)
Cost: 4.5
Have it again: yes