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Als Deli NZ

After a big night of fun in Auckland and being eaten alive by bed bugs in the backpackers we were looking for one thing, coffee. Just down the road from us was a spot called Al’s Deli, from the minute we walked in I knew we would be eating there.

Now you maybe wondering why a smoker is commenting on a bagel shop, well my friends Al’s Deli¬†also smokes brisket and makes pastrami two things I will eat every day until my teeth fall out.

Al’s Deli is run by Al of course, who comes from Montreal and has brought a special part of Canada to Auckland CBD. Don’t be confused by the bagels, this place made one Canadian home sick. It has everything, clamato juice, poutine, Caesar’s, bagels, smoked brisket, wings and more(menu).

First up the Brisket Hash, now I have used brisket as a substitute for bacon pan fried and served, but Al’s Deli brisket hash ups the ante. It comes with a poached egg, beautiful cap fatty tender brisket pieces, coated in a hollandaise sauce. The brisket had just the right amount of smoke through it so it didnt overpower everything else on the plate and paired perfectly with a poached egg. The hash was crunchy and soft in the middle, and if all this goodness wasnt good enough, an onion bagel ready to soak up the leftovers.

This was so good, on my second day of itching(4 nights, lost 5kg due to bed bugs) I did not hesitate to order the exact same thing. My only regret is I didnt have more time to try more things off the menu.

If you are in Auckland NZ you have to visit this place at least once, food is great, service amazing and pricing spot on.

Coffee: 5 stars
Food: 5 stars
Caesar’s: 5 stars

Would I go back: Hell yes.