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New beef to try: Tri Tip

As most Sunday’s go, the old smoker rolls out and we try something new. After a massive shop at the Meat Emporium  which saw us upgrade from a couple of bits of meat, to a basket, to a trolley we found some Tri Tip. It looks lean and comes from the bottom of sirloin and certainly wasn’t going to stand up to an 8hr cook like a brisket.

We have smoked a lot of lean cuts before and I have found you want to smoke it heavy and low trying to get some good flavour but also having a bit pink left in the middle. This piece of meat already came with the house Memphis rub which is a good rub, a little bit of heat but won’t blow your head off.

The trick with these is to get it to room temperature first, otherwise the middle of the meat wont get any heat and will come out really raw.  I got the smoker up to about 110 Celsius (230f and yes I have chosen celsius now) and had some chips / chunks soaking in water so they would smoke massively. A good trick for generating a good smoke is put the coals at one end, and chunks away from them at the other end. Once they start smoking they wont catch on fire and you will get a nice smoke from them as well.

So I placed the meat in the smoker, then went about generating a good coating of smoke for about the first hour. Keeping the temp constant is pretty easy cause its such a short cook, the key is using a thermometer to measure the internals and and getting it to how you prefer your meat. I wanted it to just be touching well done to see how the meat would hold up. This took around 2 hours, then it was rested and sliced.

The results actually shocked me, the meat was moist, tender and had a good smoke ring for such a short smoke. I would recommend this cut if you want a nice short smoke that holds good flavour, does it match up to the brisket? no, but heaps easier and if your a beginner a pretty good learning cook.