Do I need a beard and tats to BBQ?

This question comes up a lot when we meet people and talk bbq and its a serious one.

The preparation when buying a smoker begins way, way before you have even heard about low and slow. Some say beards can take years to sculpt and master before letting them out in public let alone next to a smoker.

Then comes the choice of tats, it seems the full sleeve is the preferred option at the moment for smokers, or a random arrangement of tats about cooking on one arm is also suffice.

Personally when I started cooking I wish I had listened to the world around me and completed the first to steps. My first smoke was difficult without a beard, let alone a tat as well. The fire would not be controlled, the meat stalled and people had to look at my clean shaven face. If I had a beard an tats, people would say this guy knows what he is doing and would have just handed me a craft beer in a mason jar.

But then I remembered about the fore fathers of bbq, ancient texan carvings have shown the original low and slow masters of the early 1900’s had no beards and very few even had a tat. So how did they cook or even show up at a BBQ comp. Even today the texan wizards have no beards which will make them stand out amongst the crowd.

What about the ladies, how do they cook. Sure they could get a tat of a beard and check off both options straight away. But I don’t think Jess Pryles is going to go down this path (hopefully my GF doesnt either) anytime soon.

I do have a feeling that a lot of people do have clean shaven faces as well, how many bbq groups are you on that dont have photos of people in their food?

In our low and slow scene I do wonder, is this just a hipster fad (the triple threat tats, beards,bbq), cause there ain’t no hipsters in texas, midwest or nth carolina…..or will the bbq fade away with the beard…..

PS. I have no idea who these people are to the right, if it is you, the spread looks good.

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