The Bush Smoker

Ahhhh camping, good for the soul and a great way to spend time with mates. The week prior was a bit of a nightmare, moving house bad weather combined made for an experience I dont want to do again anytime soon.

In the back of my mind I wanted to try this, considering this style of cooking is all based around a fire pit. Ive used a bush oven a few times, and converted paint tins into ovens as well but never a 6hour smoke with a hole and some tent pegs.

Camping provided the perfect opportunity, good weather, not my garden I was digging holes in, and a massive fire with red hot coals to shovel in.

I started off digging a trench about a foot deep, and long enough to fit the fire containment ring (which had been removed from our big fire after the first match was lit) and an entry for me to shovel coals into.

My buddy suggested how about some river rocks….. now normally they explode when chucked into a really hot fire, but since we are on low and slow, why not. They actually made an awesome base and kept the heat moving around.

Then I added a chimney, why? I guess it would work like a texan and draw heat through but no. Kind of failed and was later removed to be used as a plate.

I added the original fire ring cause it worked like a charm above the grill of tent pegs, and sealed it all in with some well made mud from a 4 year old.

Next meat prep was pretty limited, unwrap from woolies container, add some salt, insert onto the tent pegs. Forgetting about spices as the camping kit did not contain 10 types of paprika as my cupboard at home, salt was the best we could do.

Coals where taken from the main fire and shovelled in, some al foil plates and a river rock sealed up the coal chamber and we were smoking, bush style. Because the lid was very hard to make after a day in the sun and afternoon on makers mark, checking the meat was limited to having a very small peak every now and then.

But with our trusty thermometer placed in the main chamber we were able to keep an eye on the heat.

Day turned into night, and full beers turned into empties, it was time for the moment of truth. Had this little experiment worked, would I wake up half way through the night regretting my decision to try this meat ?

The results were amazing, for a simple bit of kit the meat was juicy, moist and cooked perfectly the whole way through. Would I do it again, a big yes, would a put a big brisket on it? probably no. This would be perfect for a bit of beef shorty action, or some pork ribs as well bit big hunks might take too long, but one can only try.


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