Our First Stall

Well what can you say, after a month of prep work and hours of constantly waking up with the cold sweats thinking about brisket the week was here for the Peakhurst Food Market.

But the only thing we hadn’t planned is the weather, with such a nice weekend before all spirits were high. Then mother nature turned ugly, damn ugly.

Smoking was to begin on Wednesday night with a good test burn and some beers while making sauces and rubs. What eventually happened was the pitboss struggling to setup a make shift smoke dungeon in the pouring rain and howling winds that had fallen on Cronulla. Instead of fires burning at 5, fires started at 8….. a long night was ahead.

As the alarm went off at 5am, the pitboss awoke all bleary eyed after a few hours sleep, to find the weather had gotten worse. The wind howled and the rain came in sideways as even the firelighters wouldnt have a bar of it. Seven briskets later and the rain was still hammering down and with friday approaching the bandits were worried.

Friday came and the weather was even worse, constant pouring showers wind and now we would be bundled into a 3 x 3 popup gazebo. We packed the trailer wet, unpacked it at Peakhurst wet and set to work on building a tarp city. We lit the smokers, and put the ribs on, and spirits started to lift, but the weather did not.

The night went on and so did the rain, but amazingly people showed up, those from the facebook groups and followers of the bandits, I salute you. I would have stayed at home with a few cold beers and watched the footy but you all turned out in support and it was great to meet you all.

As the crowds faded into the darkness of the night and the rain scared everyone else off, we packed up again… in the rain, drove home, unpacked in the rain and then just all slumped in a chair as what was a massive week.

But we will be back at Peakhurst food markets next month……. weather pending 😉

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