What to have with your BBQ

Usually the when we talk about having a BBQ we think of a couple of things off the bat, meat, wood and timing. Then someone realises that while the meat is great, they sheepishly say…. what about salads.

As a sydney based aussie, salads can be used with every meal, a nice steak, seafood, pasta, desert and so on.

But when it comes to low and slow most people lean towards the more american foods to go with american bbq which makes perfect sense.

Here are a few of our crowd pleasers:

Cucumber Salad

When you serve up a nice brisket or some solid beef short ribs a cucumber salad is a great way of breaking up the meat. Now before you go all british on me, this is not high tea, its low and slow dirty, smokey meaty man bbq food. This salad is a great way to get a bit of acid and crunch between bites of meat. A good starter recipe can be found here.


Baked Beans

The old baked bean, if we are playing family feud this would be one of the answers for what to serve at a low and slow BBQ. Its the go to thing, some nice soaked beans in a home made bbq sauce. One trick,,,, SOAK THEM, dont think you can just head to the shops and grab some beans and boil them. They will come out that rock hard you will need a Mortar and Pestle to eat them. Why I like them? get a piece of brisket and mop up some beans with a good sauce its like heaven.


Potato Salad

When summer rolls around, having hot baked beans next to a hot brisket maybe not the best, or if your time poor as well. But a potato salad can be whipped up in 15mins, cooled and served even before your smoker has come up to temp. Trick for this one is to go the german potato salad, no mayo or creams. You want nice fluffy potato, red onion,some oil, pickles and vinegar. Now im not about to give you our recipe just yet but something very similar can be found here.



Similar to cucumber salad but the richer cousin of the sweet crunch family. Finding good pickles in Sydney is hard, as the best come from Austria. Geeza who runs a very nice joint in westfield sydney cbd, has the best on his sandwiches. They crunch perfectly and have the best taste. Combine a nice slab of juicy brisket with a slice of an Austrian pickle its like a long distance relationship after a 2 year gap and a 14 hour flight.


Asian Slaw

Not just some cabbage and mayo but a proper Asian Slaw with all the trimmings. The change of flavour from a dense smoked meat to a coriander, vinegar and soy based Asian slaw is a winner. Not for everyone, and depending on your rub, but add some chilli in to the slaw as well for a bit of heat.



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