Franklin’s BBQ Book Review

What does Messiah of Texas BBQ have to say?

I picked up this book when I was in Canada and couldn’t wait to read it, and it didn’t disappoint! The first few chapters are great and really inspiring; to hear how he started out on cheap smokers making great food certainly hits close to home, he has a great story. Even, though I had a long haul flight home, I still waited till I got back to Sydney before starting to read because I knew I would want to BBQ straight away!

So one Saturday, I set the smoker up, fired up a nice fire, rubbed down my meat to the sounds of Barry White, grabbed an icy cold beer then lay down on the hammock to read the bible of BBQ while smelling the fruits of my labour smoking away.

As I barely read books and Franklins has some great photos and ideas to try, it took me more than one reading session to complete but I made it over a couple of weeks. I started however to use it as more of a reference to compare my technique to the great lord Franklin.

Which brings me to the question… is it a book for everyone?

No, if you are already smashing out competition grade brisket, ribs that wars are started over and pork people faint over, then borrow it from someone and read the first few chapters.

However, if your a newbie to BBQ, grab it! It runs over all the fundamentals that you will need from fire, meat prep rubs and sauces in good detail. Although Franklin doesn’t use a great deal of spices in his rubs, you can get a great understanding from the master.

Price wise its a little exy, especially considering youtube and blokes like the BBQ pit boys do really great and informative videos.

I give it 8 ribs out of a rack as a rating, if a mate has it on his shelf, definitely pinch it for a read.

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