What do you do when you feel your cholesterol levels are too low? MAKE A FATTY

How do you make a Fatty? Why do you make a Fatty ? Well we are still putting that together but it was good!

  1. Make a bacon weave, this is a little tricky with Aussie bacon but doable. You will need to trim most of the bacon (use the remainder as sprinklings later)
  2. Get some sausage mince, and flatten that out so its about 1 cm think and about the same size as your weave. Give it a good coating of BBQ sauce as well.
  3. Layer up your ingredients.
    1. We used Tasty Cheese
    2. Red Capsicum or Pepper (depending on your hemisphere)
    3. Mushrooms
    4. Chives
    5. JalapeƱos
    6. Anything else you want :)
  4. Then start to roll the sausage mince with the innards nice and tight.
  5. Transfer your rolled meat to the delicious bounty of weaved bacon
  6. Then roll that nice and tight.
  7. Get a good smoke cranking in your smoker, the fatty is thick so you want it to penetrate fast then slow cook.
  8. Wait a few hours…keep the lid closed and finally then check your fatty
  9. Slice it up and serve

Pro Tip: If you have left overs cube it up, add more sauce in a fry pan, crack an egg over the top and cook till done…an amazing breakfast!


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