Smoking by the Beach

The Bandits got called in to make a Buck’s day the best meat down under at the beautiful location of Avoca Beach. With a beautiful blue sky, waves rolling in, hickory smoke filling the air and 20 hungry blokes watching every lump of coal go in like drooling hyenas.

On the menu for the day was five racks of pork ribs, five racks of beef ribs and four kilos of our spicy chicken wings. All made with our famous homemade spicy BBQ sauce and rubs. The smoke started fairly well with everybody on the beach sticking their head in for a sniff at some point in time, it was a good thing it was a hot day, or the cooking time would’ve grown exponentially!

It’s amazing, you look after the food for so long, cleaning, making the rub perfect, building a perfect fire, tending to the smoke, basting and wrapping and then within a blink of an eye all that’s left is an hundred bone pile. Equally amazing though is the reverent silence of the consumers… I’m sure the neighbours enjoyed the 10 minutes off from the crazy celebrations while the ribs were being devoured.

Keep on Smoking

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