Aussie Day, Kansas City Style….

Any true blue Aussie knows that a good Aussie Day celebration has 3 key ingredients; the BBQ, Triple J’s Hottest 100 and Beers… debatable on the order.

So is it bad that on that sacred national BBQ day, I introduced over 30 people to brisket and ribs KC Style ?

Australia Day 2015 presented challenges, it was cold in the morning the day of the smoke, it was raining and to top it off the wind was coming straight off the water… and we were smoking with a beautiful view of Cronulla beach. No matter what I did that day heat was leaking badly out of the smoker, but thankfully I had a trick up my sleeve…. the old Texas crutch. Wrapping the brisket early (well 40 songs in) proved to be key as the temperature began to rise in the brisket finally getting it over the stall. If you don’t know what the stall is yet – see “Why is my brisket chilling out at a lower temperature???”

As the countdown got lower, the hungry guests started circling the smoker, old faithful. The riot squad was almost called in to protect the meat but rather than helping they joined the mob wanting to see the finished product.

Slicing also proved to be an issue, as sticky fingers seemed to be jumping on the chopping board stealing bits of brisket before they could join the rest of their delicious morsels in the serving tray.

All in all, the day was a success, bad weather but good crowd, top tunes, cold beer and phenomenally delicious meat. Who needs sun on Aussie Day?



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