Rub a dub dub! Saucy!

Rub a dub dub! Saucy!

Why does meat need a good rub?

Rub is the crown on the head of the meat. It creates some of the taste, but more importantly it is what causes the delicious bark to form on the outside!

What makes a good rub?

Salt! Certainly spices and herbs can change, sugar can be added, extra pepper or chili for a zing, but nothing can replace the most important ingredient, SALT.

The salt draws the moisture to the surface of the meat, and this is of paramount importance.

The most basic rub recipe is merely salt and black pepper. There is debate on whether the salt should be finely ground or chunky; if you are like the pit boss here, we like a nice hit of salt that only a chunk of sea salt can provide.

Smokey BBQ Bandits have a host of different rubs for different meats, and we are always experimenting with different combinations of flavours, but one thing remains true… good salt = good bark = good meat!

Now on to sauce. I, self-proclaimed queen of sauces, love a spicy BBQ sauce on my ribs. I don’t feel as though Brisket needs a sauce, but rubs need a good basting, and a good amount of glazing… and I don’t think that any sauce beats my homemade spicy BBQ sauce.

Sauce like Rubs doesn’t have to be complicated. You can get some decent ones in the shops, although I would suggest the American section for this in the land down under as I have no idea what Master Foods is doing to make such a terrible barbeque sauce… that being said, HP is my least favourite sauce!

You can piece together a sauce your self, the easiest recipe for a BBQ sauce is PROPER KETCHUP (Heinz) on the stove with spices… Tabasco, Pepper, your favourite rub and some apple cider vinegar. Play around with the flavours to find what you like and in what combination. Or swing by our facebook page and hit us up for a jar of our classic sauces!

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