Ahhhh Le Grill

Why are all these parts not on my BBQ.

This is the story of my first smoker, old faithful and the instructions that led me to insanity and back.

After uming and ahhing about a smoker I jumped onto ebay and found my first texan, made in china and shipped to Sydney. For the price I couldnt believe they would ship metal of that size around the world so cheaply. But to my surprise and the courier who had to carry it, they did and at my doorstep was a nice matte finished box of meat smoking machine.

Unpacking was easy, a couple of massive chambers, some legs and wheels but the instructions, oh boy. These weren’t put together buy our swedesh ikea friends, they were written by a madmen. So doing as any good man does, I ignored them, how hard can it be when you have beer and know what it should look like…. WRONG.

First off I did the obvious thing and built the chamber and the hood, attached the smoke box. What I actually needed to do is build the legs and the frame. This was harder than it was supposed to be, because if you dont execute the pieces in the precise order and allotted time the whole thing falls over.

Many hours, moons and sunrises later the bbq stood in front of me in all its glory ready for a fire up. The first thing I noticed was how much air it leaked, the area around the lid had about a 1cm gap all around. Out came the old shirts to seal it up which worked a treat.

Every now and then I look at the left over parts and wonder, are these replacements, should they be on the bbq but that is the fun of a cheap smoker from ebay.

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