Kansas City

The holy grail of BBQ.

I got sent to KC for a work trip, before I left my boss told me to visit a bunch of BBQ places, saying KC has the best BBQ in the world. As an Aussie, and a master of the grill I laughed and said “Sure, I’ll take your word for it.”

After touching down, it was first stop on the lunch menu and my world has not been the same since. Gates BBQ was on the menu that day and having no idea what to order I went for the double deck beef sandwich. Mind blown, I almost quit my job then and there to become a pit boss.

I spent the next two weeks touring BBQ places during and after work, everyone knew where you had been as soon as you return to the office as your clothes just reek of delicious BBQ smoke. It’s a benefit for a tourist though, as it leads to more and more recommendations of BBQ joints and menu selections. The crazy thing is even though BBQ is a relative limited menu, you always struggle to try everything on the menu. The food is so filling that you only really get to try one thing at a time, and because whatever you ordered is bound to be amazing, you struggle to order something else when you inevitability go back!

Even on the weekends I visited the backyard BBQ scene and had some amazing food, whilst some were gas…..(the darkside of smoking), most used some great homemade smokers packed with coal and hickory chunks. This place just eat lives and breaths BBQ, just don’t mention Texas.

If you go make sure you visit a variety of places, and don’t be scared to try the smaller shops either, Joe’s (Oklahoma Joe’s not actually from Oklahoma either) is pretty awesome but as it’s a massive place where everyone goes, you might find that it doesn’t have that personal experience.

On my list of places ventured…

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